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Game News
Welcome to the Grind House of Fippy Darkpaw, Time Locked Progression Server!

We plan to be the first level 50 group on the time locked progression server.

We are currently full but still taking in applications for the Grind House leveling guild.

Drop in an application and post to let us know you're interested in a care-free leveling experience.
Guild News

It’s time to get ready for the arrival of Fippy Darkpaw on February 15, 2011!

Maleficus Animus, Feb 1, 11 3:31 PM.

There is excitement in the air as we get ready to release the brand new Time Locked Progression Server Fippy Darkpaw on Tuesday February 15, 2011. Hordes of adventurers will issue forth from their starting cities to begin anew the exploration of Norrath. We’re excited to see what you do with this opportunity, and hope you’ll join us on our newest server for a unique EverQuest experience!

Since many of you have questions regarding the new Time Locked Progression Server, we’ve created an Official Time Locked Progression Server FAQ.

Happy Adventuring!

Message edited by Piestro on 02/01/2011 09:08:46.

You can find the original post on official Sony forums here

Offical Time locked progression server details!

Maleficus Animus, Jan 30, 11 6:37 PM.

More official news on the Fippy server will be coming out next week! Thanks to the reporting prowess of forum member, Zepar, he was able to glean some info from CM Piestro at an SOE-held in-game "Meet the CM" event tonight. You can read Zepar's original post here.

You say, 'Hail, Piestro'
Piestro says out of character, 'The team has really impressed me with thier dedication to you folks, they spend a lot of time discussing all your feedback'
Piestro says, 'Thanks, although it's returning to EQ for me. This was my first love heh'

You say out of character, 'Piestro - a question many have been looking for an answer to. When in March is Fippy Darkpaw due to launch?'
Piestro says out of character, 'I'll be announcing a lot of the details on Fippy next week'
You say out of character, 'Will these details include the launch date ? I would like to schedule vacation at work - as many others plan to as well. The sooner the better for a date!'
Piestro says out of character, 'I will be announcing a launch date yes :)'
Scruphy says, 'cant even post in forums anymore without being harassed by them'
You say out of character, 'Thanks for the confirmation!'
Utildiin says, 'Fippy Darkpaw is a separate MMOG?'

Piestro says, 'it's a new server, time locked progression'
Scruphy says, 'fippy darkpaw is the new progression server'
Utildiin says, 'thanks'

Piestro says, 'Anytime anyone feels harassed in the forums, they should let me know'
Piestro says, 'Time locked however, so it'll gradually progress through all the expansions at a reasonable pace'

You say, 'Piestro - i know u plan to talk more next week on progression server. But a few suggestions. No marketplace (doubful that u will do it, but putting it out there) also no defiant gear world drops, disable veteran aa's to name a few.'
Piestro says, 'The marketplace has definitely been considered with regards to the progression server'
Piestro says, 'not everything will be available'
Piestro says, 'We're taking it seriously, not a token effort'

You say, 'I am glad to hear that.'
You say, 'Will revamped zones be considered also? older versions, such as freeport'

Piestro says, 'for those that want that experience, we want to give them a quality experience not something that will be a short term draw'
Piestro says, 'Haven't talked to them specifically about that, I would assume that the revamps will stay however'

You say, 'i figured as well, unfortunately'
Piestro says, 'Not everything in the zones might be there on launch though'
Ishtass says, 'old freeport would be a huge success =P'
You say, 'agreed, old freeport and EC tunnel is about all i care about :)'
Dwelian says, 'the revamped freeport was a disaster'
Piestro says, 'Heh, I stil remember having to learn my way around the guard patrols'
You say, 'east commonlands for the market place brings back so many memories, that old zone will be missed, the new one just aint the same'
Piestro says, 'there's still torch 2 genoz'

Thanks, Zepar, for keeping us up to date! Now for the wait for next week.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Maleficus Animus, Jan 22, 11 8:08 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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